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Third year School Project, Fluid Waves Visualization



Damien Rohmer and Cedric Rousset
CPE Lyon, 2007


Fluid visualization is still a complex research area in which the number of applications are increasing. In order to set up a visualization giving the apearance of the water waves in a resonnable amount of time, differents methods based or not on the physic can be developped. Both methods have advantages and the possiblity to use the best from them enable realistic and robust visualizations from a physical point of view.

General equations from fluid mecanics were used and hypothesis followed by simplifications enabled to get an parametric algebraic expression of the solution. Then, a real time implementation enable to test the given model in some simple cases. Next, an approach based on the Perlin noise and a non linear combination of it was set up. This was performed in real time and enables to get the complex apperance of the water. Finally, a slower ray traced visualization was applied to the previous method and gives the possiblity to visualize realistic and highly complex liquid waves.


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picture rabbit picture fluid


Perlin noise on Ocean Perlin noise on Ocean [2] Perlin noise in section Ridged Perlin noise in section Ridged Perlin noise in section