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My research focus on 3D Geometrical Modeling and Animation for Computer Graphics.
I'm interested in designing tools for 3D object deformation for interactive manipulation.

Key Words:
Geometrical Modeling, Deformation, Animation.

Research Topics

Constant Volume Skinning

skinning Skinning deformation is a widely used approach to deform virtual articulated characters. However, this method suffers from artifacts due a loss of volume when it is used with large deformations.
We propose to locally estimate and compensate the local loss of volume due to the deformation. This enables to generate complex effect such as muscle bulging or belly bulges effects at interactive speeds.

Wrinkled Cloth Animation

wrinkle Dynamic cloth animation requires of numerical simulations which are unfortunately too slow to be computed at interactive speed on detailed meshes to generate wrinkled garments.
We propose to take as input a coarse cloth animation which can be generated interactively, and to enhance it in adding geometrical wrinkles where and when needed on the garment surface. These wrinkles can dynamically split and merge during animation to improve realism.

Paper Modeling

paper Although crumpled paper is common in real life, very few modeling tools are available to generate such virtual surfaces due to its strong length preservation constraint.
We propose a fast method to model such surface exhibiting sharp edges along creases.and preserving surface developability with respect to an original pattern. Plausible crumpled paper looking surface can therefore be generated interactively.

Heart Structure Visualization

heart Heart exhibits complex fiber and sheet structure which largely impact on its mechanical behavior. However such structure is still not very well understood.
We propose a process to analyse DTMRI data to extract fiber and sheet structure associated with a comprehensive visualization helping to understand the 3D structure of the heart.

PhD work

I defended my PhD entitled Active Geometry for Animation and Modeling on Septembre 20th 2011.