Multi-Clip Video Editing from a Single Viewpoint


We propose a framework for automatically generating multiple clips suitable for video editing by simulating pan-tilt-zoom camera movements within the frame of a single static camera. Assuming important actors and objects can be localized using computer vision techniques, our method requires only minimal user input to define the subject matter of each sub-clip. The composition of each sub-clip is automatically computed in a novel L1-norm optimization framework. Our approach encodes several common cinematographic practices into a single convex cost function minimization problem, resulting in aesthetically-pleasing sub-clips which can easily be edited together using off-the-shelf multi-clip video editing software. We demonstrate our approach on 5 video sequences of a live theatre performance by generating multiple synchronized sub-clips for each sequence.



Vineet Gandhi, Remi Ronfard, Michael Gleicher. Multi-Clip Video Editing from a Single Viewpoint. European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP), 2014.
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