Spring 2015, Computer Graphics, Collegium Da Vinci, Poznan University

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- Introduction (printable version)
- 3D Modeling (printable version)
- Differential Geometry (printable version)
- Mesh (printable version)
- Computational Geometry (printable version)
- Physically Based Simulation (printable version)
- Surface Deformation (printable version)
- Ray Tracing (printable version)
- Visualization (printable version)
- OpenGL (printable version)

Related litterature


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Subdivision (SIGGRAPH course notes)
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Differential Geometry (SIGGRAPH course notes)
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Physically based deformation (Pixar, SIGGRAPH course notes)
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Useful tools

Mesh manipulation software

Blender Complete 3D modeling/animation/rendering software.
MeshLab Visualization and manipulation (hole filling, mesh reparing, etc) for various format.
Geomview Mesh visualization tool.
Wings 3D Subdivision modeling software.

Mesh manipulation libraries

Graphite Library + GUI for maillage (texture, remeshing, ...).
CGAL Library for meshes + mesh processing algorithm (Halfedge)
OpenMesh Library for meshes (Halfedge)

Render engine

PovRay Standard ray-tracer.
Yaf(a)Ray Advanced ray-tracer (compatible with Blender)
LuxRender Physically Based rendering

Examples of 3D data

simple_cube.off Un simple cube au format off (8 sommets)
david_2.off David subdivise (653 sommets)
camel.off Camel (2045 sommets)
dino_0.off Dino_0 (54319 sommets)
dino_1.off Dino_1 (2832 sommets)
dino_2.off Dino_2 (2309 sommets)
eagle.off Eagle (16678 sommets)
pig.off Pig (3522 sommets)
wolf.off Wolf (7066 sommets)